About the Company

During the last thirty-six years, GMD Industries has worked closely with Designers, Architects, and Contractors to create unique and award-winning products. 

We understand the importance of environmental sustainability and make decisions to reduce our company’s environmental impact. For this reason, we reuse 95% of the material and substrates to produce our items. We recycle the media to etch. The paints are used to decorate and invest in the latest efficient machinery. 

We have a team of artisans who carefully take an idea and a vision and create the works of art our customers expect. GMD Industries produces high-quality, architectural, decorative, and back-painted glass for the commercial and residential industries. We have earned our reputation in the trade for creating unique, oversized pieces and meeting demanding deadlines. 

All our products are made in the USA.

Key Features

We serve the trades of General Contractors, Architects, Interior Designers, Stone Contractors, and Glazier Contractors.