Etched Glass

Etched Glass and Back Painted Etched Glass

When you’re looking for more than just back painted glass for your project, we can add the beauty of etching to the back painting to conform with your decor.

GMD INDUSTRIES offers glass etching and back-painted glass in various colors from our color palette. 

If a custom color is requested to match an existing job, we will ask for the paint manufacturer’s name, the color name, and the color code to ensure the best match possible. 

We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of colors for the reasons listed below.

These variances can cause a different outcome even when using the same previous color.

Our back-painted glass is chemically bonded. Any silicones used must be of a neutral base, non-acidic curing type.

Our recommendations for installation and adhesion of back painted glass are for information purposes only and are the sole responsibility of the installer.

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