Expertly Designed Architectural Glass: Creating Unique Spaces with Style and Functionality 

expertly designed

Would you be interested in expertly designed decorative glass solutions? Look no further! GMD Industries has been a premier provider of architectural glass solutions since day one, providing quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. With years of industry experience, they offer a vast selection – from tempered and laminated to insulated glass, plus oversized pieces […]

Using Natural Stone Design for Architecture

Image showing desk with white natural stone wall.

Architectural designers have used natural stone for thousands of years. Nothing like the warmth and beauty it can add to any home or office. Expressly, designers, architects, and project managers often turn to natural stone design to enhance the features of any indoor or outdoor space. You can learn more about why you should incorporate […]

The Quality and Elegance of Structural Glass Canopies 

structural glass

Structural glass canopies can create an impressive appearance for commercial or residential buildings. Architecture often uses them as the main entrance for many blocks, shopping centers, trains, or subway stations. They offer a striking appearance that allows ample sun and light within the structure while providing shelter over seating areas and entrances.   Glass Canopies Glass […]

Glass Panel Partitions for the Office

glass panel

Glass panel partitional walls are a modern and versatile option for creating separate yet open spaces within offices. They offer flexibility in design and are perfect for creating an efficient work environment for employees. It can be a practical choice over traditional walls and can even be customized to fit the aesthetic and irregular spaces.   […]