The Benefits of Sandblasting for Glass Surface Cleaning and Restoration 

Sandblasting for Glass

Sandblasting for glass often includes cleaning and restoration. The method efficiently removes flaws, discolorations, and other impurities without affecting the texture or integrity of the glass by employing compressed air to blast abrasive particles onto the surface. Because it doesn’t require any hazardous chemicals and is a dust-free technique, it is chosen over other options […]

Mastering the Art of Sand Blasting: Techniques, Considerations, and Safety Protocols  

Sand blasting

This article covers the techniques for achieving desired effects with sand blasting. Sand blasting is a flexible technique for producing detailed and distinctive glass artwork. It can also etch, carve, or engrave glass surfaces. Depending on the intended output, there are different sandblasting processes, including airless blasting, abrasive jetting, wet blasting, and dry blasting. The […]

Expertly Designed Architectural Glass: Creating Unique Spaces with Style and Functionality 

expertly designed

Would you be interested in expertly designed decorative glass solutions? Look no further! GMD Industries has been a premier provider of architectural glass solutions since day one, providing quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. With years of industry experience, they offer a vast selection – from tempered and laminated to insulated glass, plus oversized pieces […]

What is architectural glass and what is it used for?

architectural glass

Whether you’re looking to add a sleek, upscale feel to an office or a personal residence, architectural glass is a great way to achieve what you’re looking for in a design. Architectural glass is any glass used as a building material. Glass is versatile and has various uses and properties. Using glass in buildings opens […]

What is Back Painted Glass, and How is it Made? 

back painted glass

Back-painted glass is trending and becoming popular in homes, offices, and retail spaces. Professionals and homeowners can use it in various spaces, including shower wall panels and elegant glass backsplash designs throughout homes and offices. This glass is a versatile material that offers clean lines for a fresh look and is easy to maintain.  What […]