The Benefits of Sandblasting for Glass Surface Cleaning and Restoration 

Sandblasting for Glass

Sandblasting for glass often includes cleaning and restoration. The method efficiently removes flaws, discolorations, and other impurities without affecting the texture or integrity of the glass by employing compressed air to blast abrasive particles onto the surface. Because it doesn’t require any hazardous chemicals and is a dust-free technique, it is chosen over other options […]

Understanding the Versatility of Commercial Glass Sandblasting 

glass Sandblasting

Commercial glass sandblasting has grown in popularity over the past several years due to its adaptability and capacity to produce results fast and effectively. Its numerous uses have made it essential in the industrial sector. It is employed to carry out duties like washing paint off windows or engraving designs on glassware. This article aims […]

Commercial Glass Etching: Working with the Right Professional

Commercial Glass Etching

Commercial glass etching is a specialized art form that requires the right professional for successful results. Utilizing specific tools and techniques, experienced professionals can create intricate designs on glass surfaces with stunning detail. The process of creating these works of art involves meticulous preparation, skillful execution, and considerable experience to achieve desired outcomes. This article […]

Glass Cutting: The Different Ways to Cut Glass 

glass cutting

Using glass in interior design has been a common practice for decades. It continues to be a timeless and classy addition to any space. However, adding glass to a design requires customized sizing, which requires manufacturers to cut the glass without breaking it to ensure it fits perfectly. There are quite a few methods used today […]

Glass and Mirror Etching for Interior Design 


Glass and mirror etching have been popular among interior designers for the modern home for years. Glass and the use of mirrors have been essential building materials used in homes for their flexibility, aesthetics, and the ability to open up residential and commercial space, creating a unique look for any room. Designers and architects have […]

How Sandblasting is Used to Frost and Etch glass 


Sandblasting is one of the most common processes to create an artistic image and frost glass. Glass is becoming a more desirable option for creating a specific aesthetic in design and construction. It can be customizable to improve its appearance by frosting and etching the top layer of the glass. The frosting and etching process […]

What is Back Painted Glass, and How is it Made? 

back painted glass

Back-painted glass is trending and becoming popular in homes, offices, and retail spaces. Professionals and homeowners can use it in various spaces, including shower wall panels and elegant glass backsplash designs throughout homes and offices. This glass is a versatile material that offers clean lines for a fresh look and is easy to maintain.  What […]

How Etched Glass Panels are Made

etched glass panels

Etched glass panels can add an artistic flair and unique element to your home or office space. Etched glass is a decorative glass that creates art on the surface by applying acid, caustic, or abrasive substances after the class has been manufactured. It’s been known by the French as French embossing. A few techniques can […]