What is architectural glass and what is it used for?

Whether you’re looking to add a sleek, upscale feel to an office or a personal residence, architectural glass is a great way to achieve what you’re looking for in a design. Architectural glass is any glass used as a building material. Glass is versatile and has various uses and properties. Using glass in buildings opens up the possibilities for unique designs and accents throughout any space.

But what exactly is architectural glass, and what is it used for?

What is Architectural Glass?

Architectural glass is a general term used to describe a wide variety of glass used in building homes, buildings, offices, and more. It can be an integral part of a structure and enhance the overall aesthetic. Different treatments and strength levels make glass one of the most critical materials used in construction.

What is it Used For?

Architectural Glass is a versatile glass that can be used throughout a building. It creates a visual to the outside, gives a room light, or adds a decorative feature. The treatment types and features make glass suitable for any use. Glass is primarily used in:

  • Facades including external windows in walls or doors
  • Construction – walkable skylights, roof panels, shelves, partitions, glass vanity tops or countertops
  • Structural such as glass wool in insulation

The history of the use of glass in architecture began with stained glass throughout structures worldwide. In the nineteenth and twentieth century, the glass industry began to grow. The sector started producing glass ceilings and moved on to incorporating glass to replace traditional materials like marble in lobbies, bars, and lounges.

The use of glass is broad in the architecture industry, and various types of glass can serve different functions. It can come in multiple levels of thickness and is often tempered to prevent breakage. It can be treated as safety glass, such as laminated or insulated glass units.

When choosing glass for a project in architecture, it’s essential to consider the function to decide on the type of glass you need. You’ll want to think of the appearance and, particularly, if you want a custom design for the space. You want to consider the appearance and the purpose. There are many designs beyond the traditional glass to give an open and spacious feeling, while other styles can provide a sense of privacy while still providing lighting elements.

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